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Meet Dixie Daye. UK's very own singer/lyricist/actress/lead vocalist/all-around performer/soul sister/phenom.

She’s a deeply passionate artist with a love for singing and performing, a standout vocalist in today’s fast-paced world of entertainment. She began her career fronting the underground band, Taste of Josephine, and performing in the cult classic musical RENT, before signing to American independent label, Jam Brothers Music, in 2012. Since then she’s been developing her own brand of rock, funk, and blues with multiple producers including Alan Nglish as well as Matt Shaw, Scorp Dezel, and Dunlap, to name a few collaborations.

She describes the making of her debut EP as having been a “roller-coaster ride, infused with both the sounds I love and the heartache and loss of people very close to me.” Using her music as an outlet from what life had thrown at her, she was able to give it an unmatched emotional edge.

Her musical influences range everywhere from the Queen of Soul herself, Aretha Franklin, to the wall-to-wall guitars of bands like Rage Against the Machine and Guns N’ Roses. Other influences include The Prodigy, N.E.R.D., Prince, Jimi Hendrix, David Bowie, Skunk Anansie, Snoop Dogg, SaltnPepa, and The Rolling Stones.

Her debut release B*tch4u is already making waves, along with the its music video, created by Coalescent Films. She just finished filming the video for her follow up release NEVER TOO LATE.

Keep a look out for this quadruple threat. Follow @dixiedaye on Soundcloud, or see below to hear exclusive releases and new music.  

Dixie is appreciative of her amazing fans and personally thanks fans who support her. She looks forward to making music for those who follow her on her journey.








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